Fiverr Clone Script

Online Microjobs Marketplace

Our Fiverr Clone comprises of all essential features and will enable you to run a successful Freelance Marketplace Website with no additional efforts.

A Fiverr Clone to automate your Freelance Marketplace Business

Gig Packages

Sellers can combine specific services into price bundles like  (Basic, Standard and Premium), for maximum flexibility, convenience and increased revenue.


Add as many languages as you wish simultaneously. Translation ready – additional languages can be added by simply translating the strings via Loco Translate plugin.


Auto-updated rates based on Open Exchange Rates API (OR) can be manually edited from admin Panel. Users can browse or check-out in the currency of their choice.


As the name implies, it enable your users to earn money (fixed or Percentage) by referring other users to Join, List, Sell or make purchases on your online marketplace.

Location & Maps

Set a location of service, and choose to display Google map on the Gig page. Buyers can also filter Gigs based on the location of their choice, and within a certain range.


Users can report messages, Gigs, Buyer Requests or Profiles under 7+ categories e.g. Hate Speech, Spam etc

Appointments Booking

Built-in Appointment Bookings algorithm lets buyers book available slots with service providers

Email Gigs

Email Gigs to users based on their recent searches, checkout viewed Gigs or Gigs with active discount codes.


Lets your users create discount codes (which will be applicable on their own gigs only) for All or specific users.

Digital Products

Users can sell digital products like ebooks,  softwares, videos etc which are available to download after payment.


Responsive UI/UX
We understand how important it is to provide users with optimal viewing experience which would ensure easy navigation, reading and checkout across a wide range of devices.

Be it Landing Page, Homepage or any other page, Prefive is fully optimized and with fully responsive UI/UX

Custom Designs

Prefive is fully integrated and with it the ability to design and customize all of the front-end pages without the need for CSS/PHP knowledge (drag and drop experience). You can also change the main color, as well as the secondary color, right from the Admin section. Make your marketplace unique!

User Notification system
We have a built in comprehensive notification system for all of the user actions, such as:

– services purchased/sold/delivered,
– order updated,
– mutual cancellation requested/accepted/denied,
– Order modification requested,
– messages received,
– feedback posted,
– custom offer received/accepted or declined.
Each notification is displayed in the User front-end notification system, and email notifications are sent to the users as well.

User Live messaging
Built in sophisticated Frontend Live User chat system featuring
– file uploader,
– Request Custom Offers,
– Send Custom Offers,
– filter for email’s, Abusive words and URL’s,
– Real-time message notifications
– New Message Sound/Buzz
Custom User Frontend

Built-in custom user front-end which allows users to:

  • post/edit service offers,
  • update their payment/personal info,
  • manage services purchased/sold,
  • view transaction history,
  • make withdrawal requests,
  • post/respond to public service requests,
  • contact support, etc.
Gig Management
Elegant dashboard to manage your Gigs with multiple tabs and functionalities, including:
1- Edit/Deactivate/Delete/Feature Gigs

2- Post New Gig

3- Revenue Chart and Graph

4- Vacation Mode

Orders management

Manage all your Active, Pending Approval, Delivered, Completed and Cancelled orders

Financial Dashboard

Be it Incoming Payments, Affiliate Report, Withdrawing funds, Transactions history with Currency conversions or Affiliate report. Financial Dashboard covers everything.

Discounts Management
Sellers can generate discount codes with multiple conditions for buyers. like:
– Start/Expiry time,
– Number of Uses
– Limited for Specific user(s)
– Minimum Purchase value
– Percent/fixed price discount
NOTE :- Discount Codes Generated By Sellers will be applicable on seller’s own gigs only.
Buyer requests

Sellers can respond to buyer requests with their custom offer.
DEMO offers can be checked and responded at: 

Seller notification

Offer sellers to subscribe to Email (and/or) SMS notifications for new Buyer Requests published within the categories of their interest and expertise.
A great way to increase the number of bids each service request receives.

Vacation mode
Enables sellers to activate “vacation mode”, and pause their published jobs/services with three possible away messages/statuses:
  • “on vacation”,
  • “overbooked”, and
  • “be back soon”.

Sellers can conveniently set an end date from the calendar, and the system will automatically put all the Gigs in active mode on specified date.

Lock account

After registration you can lock your users to My Account or any other page until they verify their email or mobile number.

    Dear Customer,

    Please use Different Browsers to login as Buyer or Seller to experience Buying/Selling side-by-side.


    Tip Sellers

    Buyers can tip sellers after/during an order. Conditions can be configured in admin panel based on the user levels & subscriptions


    Along with email notifications, you can send sms notifications regarding order completion, delivery, review, payment instructions etc. Increase your revenue! Based on the Twilio SMS Gateway.

    Order Feedback

    Overall user reputation is calculated based on the average feedback (1-5 star ratings). This rating is then taken into account as a part of the logic for automatically up/downgrading user levels and sorting Gigs during search.

    Multiple Payment Options
    We currently supports following payment gateways which gives buyers ease of payment:
    1. Paypal
    2. Stripe
    3. 2Checkout
    4. Besteron
    5. CashEnvoy
    6. CCAvenue
    7. GoPay
    8. GP Webpay
    9. INIPay
    10. Instamojo
    11. iPay88
    12. Midtrans
    13. Perfect Money
    14. QuickPay
    15. Robokassa
    16. Sisow
    17. Interswitch Webpay
    18. BitPay
    19. PayFort
    20. Cash On Delivery &
    21. Bank Transfer payment options.
    Please contact us for more information regarding the custom payment gateway integration
    Feature rich Order Page
    Each order id is associated with order page where you can manage all aspects of order from securely sharing files, messages & information to Receiving Deliveries, Marking Order Complete, Requesting Revisions, Accepting Order Extras, Tipping Seller etc.
    Request Service
    Buyers are able to post Service Requests to which sellers can respond with bids (provided that seller have at least one published/active Gig).

    This functionality has proven to increase sales by as much as 43%.

    Manage Requests
    Buyers can manage all their posted requests (Active, In Review or Rejected) from frontend dashboard. They can Edit or Delete their requests based on requirements.
    Favorite Gigs
    Ability for the users to place services into favorites (bookmarks), and come back at a later date to complete the purchase. Favorites are accessible, and can be managed from the front-end user control panel.
    Lazy Loading
    Ajax load more button (lazy loading) implemented for each page potentially displaying many items, including: home page, search/category pages, transaction page, manage sales/purchases, etc.
    Gigs Search
    Users are able to refine their search based on:
    • reviews/feedback,
    • Categories
    • Budget,
    • Tags,
    • location and
    • delivery time.

    Once the number of service offers on your marketplace starts growing into thousands, your users will very much appreciate this functionality.

    User Search

    Buyers can search users based on Keywords, Username, Location, Company Name or Description.

    Live Chat

    Front-end Live Chatting with sellers.

    Buyers can not be contacted directly (to avoid spam messages).

    Request Custom OFfers

    You can always request custom offer from seller their described package doesn’t suites your needs.

    You can also request custom offers from with in Messages window.


    Resolution Center

    You’re not satisfied with delivery or even revision didn’t work?

    You can dispute order from Resolution Center.
    1) You & Seller can cancel order with mutual consent OR
    2) You/Seller can escalate dispute to Admin for fair Arbitration.

    Dear Customer,

    Please use Different Browsers to login as Buyer or Seller to experience Buying/Selling side-by-side.


    API Keys

    Use power of different APIs to enhance your experience:
    – Multicurrency
    – Google Places
    – Auto Country detection
    – reCAPTCHA v2

    Gigs & Transaction Flow

    Manage all aspects of Transaction Flow and automate your marketplace:

    1. Gig/Request Approval 
    2. Auto-mark order as completed
    3. Funds Clearing Period
    4. Max. No. of cancellations:
    5. Max. No. of modifications:
    6. Auto-close pending payment
    7. Enable/Disable attachments
    8. Max. attachments file size
    9. Require seller to confirm order

    Detailed Graphical Transaction Reports (CSV Readily Exportable) regarding all transactions like:

    Frontend Features

    Enable/Disable features as per your requirements like:

    1. Live Notifications
    2. Frontend Live Chat
    3. User Balance
    4. Custom offers
    5. Country Flag
    Gig Settings

    Configure Al aspects of Gigs like:
    – Images (Size, Dimentions, Max. Number etc)
    – Audio File Settings (No., Size etc)
    – Location 
    – Delivery & Shipping
    – Gig Packages
    – Custom Extras,
    – Tips & Rating counts
    – Preview & categories etc

    Gig & Buyer Request Management
    1. Approve/Deny Gigs/Buyer Request
    2. Add New Categories/Sub-categories
    3. Manually Feature Gigs
    4. Reject Gig/Request by just clicking Tick mark and enter your comment. Like this:
    Rejected Name
    Helpdesk & Newsletters

    With integrated Newsletter send Newsletters to all/selected subscribers from within the dashboard.
    Also respond to custom queries via integrated helpdesk. Support agents can also be assigned limited access to support section of website with limited authority over helpdesk.

    Buyer Request Settings

    Enable/Disable different features for Request Posting like:
    – Pickup/Delivery
    – Budget, Deadline, Delivery 
    – Uploads & Multi-Category Selection
    – Locations etc

    User Settings

    Manage users with different configurations:

    1. Enable/Disable
      User online, Last Seen status, Gigs Display
    2. User Level icons
    3. Tax/Vat ID, Country Detection
    4. User Statbar & Charts
    5. Enable Disable
      Phone Num., reCaptcha, Company name
    6. Enable/Disable Portfolio
    Filters & Limits

    Blacklist words under 3 categories. Words from each category will have it’s own error message. E.g. if user enter PAYPAL, it will have error message related to sharing Payment info while if they write EMAIL it will have error related to communications.
    Also Limit Number of characters for Title, Description, Personal info etc.

    Email & SMS Settings

    50+ different type of Email+SMS notifications
    Enable/Disable Any specific Notifications.
    Edit Notification message/Style
    Upto 10 Languages Translation Supported
    User Twilio OR Cafe24 for SMS

    Pricing Settings
    1. Up to 10 different Currencies
    2. Configure Fees for Buyers, Sellers, Tax Rates, Processing fees etc
    3. Enable/Disable Withdrawal Options (Bank, Paypal, Payoneer, Payza etc)
    4. Limit Prices,
    5. Enable/Disable Pricing models (Per day, Per hour, Packages etc)
    6. Define Top-up Credit packs
    7. Set Price and interval for Featured Gigs
    Resolution Center

    Arbitrate Order with inbuilt panel. Different information are available with each Arbitration Request, like:

    1. Transaction
    2. Request From
    3. Request Date
    4. Comments from Request Submitter. 
    5. Message from Support (Enter your decision)
    6. Status
    7. Arbitration Date
    8. Action (Decide in favour of Buyer or Seller)
    Reviews & Messages

    Take full control of your Marketplace. 
    You can Check and Delete Reviews/Reponses, Review individual Live Chat messages as well as Order Page Messages.
    These are essential to review/delete in case of Arbitration Request.

    Transactions & Orders

    Complete Transactions history and order details with multiple information, like:
    Order ID, Details, Gig Title, Amount, Date, Buyer, Seller, Gateway, Payment Status, Order Status, Actions(Clear Payment before time, Block Clearing, Forcely cancel order, Check invoice)

    User Balance & Badges

    Manage User balances from backend like Manually add/deduct funds.
    Also you can sell Badges (Verified & PRO) OR Manually assign these badges to users.

    Configure User Levels
    1. Enable/Disable Auto User Level Upgrade
    2. Enable/Disable Auto User Level Downgrade
    3. Set Recheck Period
    4. Configure Eligibility For Next Auto upgrade
      Minimum Amount & Minimum Star Rating
    5. Limit Features For each Level
    6. Limit Gig, Extras, Custom offers etc Pricing for each Level
    Payment Gateways

    Configure and setup different Payment Gateways for your users. More Payment options help in more sales. We currently support 15+ different Payment Gateways integrations



    1. Subscription Plans & Rename each Plan
    2. Eligibility 
    3. Features 
    4. Custom Escrow Fees

    – Set Price Limits
    – Set badge icons for each plan
    – Set Profile Labels

    Invoice & Affiliates

    Configure & Personalize your invoice Template with your Branding.
    Configure Affiliates with multiple settings like Enable/Disable & Set Price for:

    1. Per Unique Visit
    2. Per Gig Purchased
    3. Per Registered User
    4. Per Gig Approved/Published
    5. Per Gig sold
    6. Per Gig Featured (or)
    7. Per Topup plan purchased

    – You can either Pay Percentage Price OR Fixed Price.
    – You can limit commission for sales. E.g. Applicable for 1st sale/purchase ONLY or lifetime.

    Watermark & Discounts

    Watermark all images uploaded by users with your branding so they can’t be misused without authorization.
    Also you can offer amazing discounts for your customers. They will be able to use codes on checkout.



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